Ideally, after a successful mission…
Ideally, after a successful mission…

PSSS 2020

The Planetary Science Summer School is a highly competitive career development program hosted by the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) each summer that teaches participants how to develop mission concepts. Many participants have gone on to become Principle Investigators (PIs) for missions and instruments. I particapated remotely, as did eveyone else in the program to develop a Enceladus mission concept we called “Tiger”. Specifically I was the attitude control lead, and I was tasked with developing ADC requirements for our spacecraft and instruments from our science objectives which I also actively contributed to. Click the “LPSC 2021 Abstract” link to read more about our mission concept! For more details, please read our paper in the Ocean Worlds focus issue for the AAS Planetary Science Journal “PSJ Paper”

Recently, David W. Brown wrote a fantastic article about the program in The New Yorker titled: “How to Plan a Space Mission”.

To learn more about the program, checkout this article from JPL about our session of the program and this video from NASA JPL about the program from 2014 to learn more about the final week of the program:

Andrew M. Annex
Postdoctoral Research Associate

My research interests include the applications of deep learning to planetary geology.